Reality of Dajjaal

According to Islamic teachings, Dajjaal is the name of a person, who will come in the world in the future. He is also known as Anti-Christ. We have no evidence of his arrival except the Hadith. Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) gave us Information about Dajjaal. But he has not told us the exact time of its arrival. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) has told many symptoms by which we can recognize this person. Here are some Ahadees in which symptoms of Dajjaal have been narrated.

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We have made a video in which you can listen the symptoms of Dajjaal Symptoms of Dajjal. This video is in Urdu language.

Ahadees About Dajjaal


This hadith is from famous book of Ahadees, Sahih Muslim. The hadith narrates that Dajjaal will have a canal of water and fire. But actually his fire will be cold water and his water will be fire. He will have one eye. There will be a writing on between his both eyes. The writing will be Kafir (infidel).
anti christ

In this hadith Prophet (Peace be upon him) has told more symptoms about Dajjaal. These symptoms are that he will be a young man with curly hair. His one eye will be like grapes. Prophet advises us to recite Sura Al-Kahf before him. He will appear between Syria and Iraq and he will spread terror all around. He will live in for forty days in the world. But his first day in this world will be equal to one year of normal days. Next day will be equal to one month. Then next day will be equal to one week. Then days will be for 24 hours. Prophet (Peace be upon him) says that the during the day of one year, offer the prayers of one year. He (anti-christ) will travel with the speed of air.

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