Roohani Ilaj Free Wazeefay

Roohani Ilaj Free Wazeefay:

Below are the two wazeefay for the roohani ilaj of eyes. First wazeefa is for cataract (Motia) in the eyes. Recite these words and repeat it for 1100 times and blow on Surma (سرمہ). Then use it in eyes, it will remove the motia from eyes. Next wazeefa is for the pain in eyes. Recite these words and repeat for 21 times and blow (دم کریں) on the eyes.

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roohani ilaj for eyes

This is roohani ilaj for marriage. If someone is not married because of any type of hindrance or obstruction in the arrangements of marriage. Then repeat these words (یا لطیفُ یا حلیمُ) for 500 times after isha prayer. Additionally, after and before these words recite Darood Pak 41 times. Allah will solve your problem.

If somebody wants to marry after divorce, then read this wazeefa. Recite Surah Yaseen 2 times after Fajar (morning) prayer. After this recite (یا معید) and repeat it for 1100 times. This wazeefa is for 41 days.

roohani ilaj for marriage

Recite (یا علیمُ) for 21 times, and blow (دم کریں) on water and give it to child for drinking.

Repeat it for 40 days continuously. As a result of this, the child will acquire good memory. Furthermore, if the child is dull minded or unintelligent, then give him treatment with this wazeefa. Early in the morning make bread (روٹی) and write on it (یا اللہ) and give it to the child to eat. He will become intelligent and will acquire bright and sharp memory. Repeat it for 7 or 11 or 21 days.

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roohani ilaj for dull minded

Recite Ya Muqeetu (یا مُقیتُ) for 100 times and blow (دم کریں) on water and give to patient. Patient will get relief from the pain of (قولنج). Recite the first 18 verses of Surah Al Takweer for 7 times and then blow (دم کریں) on water. Patient of pain in stomach drink this water. He will get relief from pain, with the blessings of Allah. Remember to recite Darood Sharif before and after the wazeefa.

roohani ilaj for job

If someone fears that his boss wants to remove him from his job.

He can do this wazeefa. Recite this Dua for 1100 times after Isha Prayer. Keep continue this wazeefa for 19 days. The boss or employer will change his intention, with the blessings of Allah. Next wazeefa is to make your boss or chairman kind to you. Repeat these words for 111 times after morning prayer. Also recite Darood Sharif before and after the wazeefa.

wazeefa for sleep
roohani ilaj for examination success
rohani ilaj for husband love
roohani ilaj for promotion
rohani ilaj for blood pressure
rohani ilaj for home safety

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