Darood Sharif Blessings

Allah says about Darood in Quran:

Undoubtedly, Allah and His angels send blessings (Darood) on the Prophet (Peace be upon him). O believers! You also send him Blessings and salute him (Salam) in more and more quantity.

Hadith about Darood pak:

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:
He who reads a Darood upon me for one time. Almighty Allah blesses him ten times, forgives his ten sins, and increases his ten stages (darjaat).

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Prophet (said) Who recites this darood, he will see me in his dream. And who saw me in his dream, he will see me on the Day of Judgement. And who saw me that day, he will get my intercession. He will also drink from Hoz e Kausar and he will not go to Hell.

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Darood pak

Imam shaafi, who is the Imam of Fiqah Shaafi. After the death of Imam Shafi, someone saw him in dream. Imam Shaafi told him that Allah has forgiven him due to this Darood Sharif.

Darood for wealth

He who recites this Darud frequently, Allah will increase his wealth.

darood for memory

Who repeats this Darud sharif frequently, between Maghrib and Isha prayers. Due to this, Allah will make his memory powerful.

darood rizwia

If anyone repeats this Darud 100 times after Juma prayer, while facing to Madina Sharif, he will acquire too many blessings and benefits.

darud for blessings

Who repeats this Darud Sharif frequently, he will acquire many blessings and rewards from Allah.
darood shafaat

Darood Shafaat:

He who repeats this Darud Sharif frequently, he will acquire the shafaat of Prophet (Peace be upon him).

darood for victory

Who repeats this Darud Sharif after Quran recitation, he will earn the victory in this world. He will also obtain many rewards and awards in next world.

darood equal to eleven thousand

Recitation of this Darud is equal to the recitation of eleven thousand Darud Sharif.

darud equal to 14 thousand

Recitation of this Darud is equal to the recitation of fourteen thousand Darud Sharif.

darud equal to one lac

Who recites this darud for one time, he will acquire the reward of one lac darud sharif. If anybody wants to fulfill some requirement or wish, then he should repeat this Darud for 500 times. In addition to this, Allah will bestow him the requirement and wish which he wants.

darud for aab e kausar
darud tunajeena

Hazrat Hassan Basri says, who recites this Darud, he will drink from Hauz e Kausar. Hauz e Kausar is the name of canal in Jannah (Paradise).

darood tunajeena

Darood Tunajeena:

If anybody repeats this Darud for one thousand times in any trouble or disaster, Allah will solve his problems and worries.

darood taj benefits

Darood e taj benefits:

If a person wears holy and perfumed dress, after Isha prayer on Thursday night and recites this Darud. Then repeats it for 170 times and after this go to sleep. He will see the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in his dream. Perform this wazeefa on Thursday night, during first to fourteen date of Islamic month.
This Darud will keep you safe from poverty, enemies, cruel, jealous people and cruel rulers. For this purpose, repeat this for 41 times after Isha prayer. Perform this wazeefa for 40 days.
Repeat this Darud for 7 times after Fajar prayer, to increase earnings.

darood taj
darood taj recite
darood taj blessings

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