Allah Names with Benefits

Allah Almighty has beautiful Names:

Allah Almighty is the creator and inventor of this universe. He created the human beings and all other creatures of this universe. How many creatures are present in this world, we do not know. But He knows every creature. He not only knows everything but also takes care and grooms every creature of this universe. He created the man so that man bow and worship to Him. Then He sent many messengers for the spiritual education of mankind.Moreover, He is the greatest of all. He has about 99 names, which are all very beautiful and glamorous. He himself says in Quran that he has very beautiful names.

Allah Almighty names
There is another verse in Quran:
99 Allah names
In this Aayat Allah says that He is the creator, He is the inventor, He gives good shapes to everyone. He has all good names.

Saying of Prophet (Peace be upon him):

There is a hadith from Sahih Bukhari, which narrates that Allah Almighty has 99 names. He who learns these names will go to Paradise.

Here we describe the benefits of reciting the names of Allah. Remember that always recite at least one time Darood Sharif before and after every Wazeefa.

“Yaa Allahu” (یا اللہُ)

Who repeats this name 100 times after every prayer, his heart will be opened. If any body suffering from some dangerous and cure-less disease. He must repeat this Name many times, then pray to Allah to get health. He will recover from that disease

“Huwallahuraheemu (ھُواللہ الرحیمُ)”

Who recites this name and repeats it 7 times after every prayer, he will be safe from Satan’s evils. He will die on religion Islam. Also recite Darood Pak before and after it.

“Yaa Rehmaanu” (یا رحمٰنُ)

Who repeats this name for 294 times after Fajar prayer, Allah will be kind to him too much.

“Yaa Raheemu” (یا رحیمُ)

Who repeats this name 500 times daily, He will find everyone kind. He will also acquire wealth. Also recite Darood Pak before and after it.

“Yaa Maliku” (یا مالِکُ)

Who repeats this name 90 times daily, he will be free from poverty. Recite Darood Sharif before and after it.

“Yaa Salamu” (یا سلامُ)

Recite this name for 111 times and blow (دم کریں) on the patient, he will get health.

”Yaa Mu minu”(یا مؤمِنُ)

Repeat this name for 115 times and blow on yourself, you will get health.

”Ya Muhaiminu” (یا مُھیمِنُ)

Who repeats this name for 29 times daily, he will remain safe from trouble and disaster.

”Ya Mutakabbiru” (یامُنکبرُ)

He who remains upset due to terrifying dreams at night, recite this name for 21 times.

”Yaa Khaliqu” (یا خالِقُ)

He who recites this name for 300 times, he will defeat his enemies. Also recite Darood Pak before and after it.

”Ya Wah’habu” (یا وھابُ)

Who wants that Allah accept his all prays, then he should recite this name for 7 times daily.

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